Forthcoming events


March 2019: Dubai Literary Festival

I’ll be on stage with Ian Rankin and Harriet Muncaster, talking about what makes a compelling monster in literature and video games. I’ll also be chatting with Sandhya Menon and Ty Tashiro about happy ever afters in fiction.


28 March: Warminster Library talk, 7.30pm

I’ll be talking about Days of Wonder, the importance of fairy tales and the process of writing a happy story with tragic elements. Please come along! To book tickets please phone 01985 216022 or email


2 April 2019: Max Minerva’s bookshop talk, 7pm

I’ll be talking about Days of Wonder at this wonderful Bristol book store. There will be wine and nibbles! To find out more and book a ticket, click here!


Previous events

Me with Jordan Erica Webber at the Yorkshire Games Festival

Me with Jordan Erica Webber at the Yorkshire Games Festival


Literary festivals

I have spoken about my novels at the Cheltenham, Guildford, Hexham, Chipping Norton and Harrogate literary festivals, as well as the Dubai Literary festival (with Jon Ronson) and the Celsius 232 festival in Avilés, Spain. I’ve talked at Camp Bestival, 5X15 in Bristol, Jewish Book Week, Brazil ComicCon and the Curious Arts Festival.


I have been invited to talk about A Boy Made of Blocks at the National Autism Society Technology conference, the NSPCC annual conference, the NHS Psychtech conference, and at Microsoft Brussels.

Bookshop and school talks

I have discussed my novels and the writing process at various bookshops including the Malvern Co-Operative book store, Rossiter in Ross-on-Wye, Wallingford bookshop and Hunting Raven in Frome. I have also spoken at schools including Springfields Academy in Calne, Marchants’ Academy in Bristol, Clevedon school and Oakfield Academy in Frome, and at the Salisbury Writer’s Club.

Video game festivals

I have talked and presented at dozens of video game events including EGX, Gamescom in Germany, Pocket Gamer Connects in Helsinki, the Yorkshire Games Festival, Nottingham GameCity and the London Games Festival. I have also spoken about games and writing at Bafta and Leeds University.